General FAQ

General FAQ


How long will my Freqport product be supported?

Freqport products are built on industry standard USB, a backward compatible standard available for 24 years.
The products are available from the worlds largest retailers who have backed the product and vision.
Please know Freqport are audio lovers passionate about evolving the company and technology to bring analog into the digital workflow.

How many Freqtube FT1 units can I use simultaneously?

At the moment only one Freqtube FT1 unit can be connected to your system at a time.
Please keep an eye out on the website for future updates and information regarding this FAQ.

Can I replace the tubes myself in the FT1?

FT1 tubes are matched and calibrated in an involved process carried out during production.
As much as we would love to accommodate customer replacement on this product, it's not feasible for us to provide this support directly to customers due to this calibration process and other possible complications, including voiding the warranty. Please do feel assured that even outside the warranty period, we will continue to offer replacement service of any tubes should issues arise as a separate service.
If this feature is important to you for future products we'd love to hear from you on the feature requests area on our discord page!

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