MAC Setup

MAC Setup

Please follow these setup notes for MacOS computers.

Privacy & Security:

Please set to Allow accessories to Connect to  Always

(Earlier MacOS versions only): 
When running first time CLICK OK to allow permissions (pic below). 

If you don't click OK then you need to Check Privacy as shown below.

Important notes:

  1. Please refer to Supported Systems and read Optimizing your DAW article on this site before using freqtube.
  2. Freqtube is a real-time plugin supporting real-time bouncing/rendering (no offline bounce is supported).  
  3. Before using analog hardware such as freqtube in your DAW project ensure that the project can be played without any glitches or CPU overloads at any time.

MacOS Corrupt Audio MIDI Setup:

On some newer M2 and M3 Macs a corrupted MIDI device name may occur when on first attachment. 
Does your freqport product, when plugged in, show highlighted as "freqtube" in Midi Studio?
If the highlighted name is not freqtube (such as shown in picture here) then power off your freqport product, then select the corrupted MIDI icon in MIDI Studio, then select menu Edit -> Delete.  The selected icon will disappear. Next, power-on your freqport product and the icon should appear correctly as freqtube.

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